Morden College

The garden for people suffering from dementia has became a part of large Morden College estate. The main building at Morden College was built in 1695 in the architectural style of Christopher Wren and it’has served the poor and elderly people right from the beginning. The first residents where mainly merchants (same as the founder John Morden), who found themselves in a difficult financial situation by any other accidents ways or means in their honest endeavors. The same spirit continues to these days.

The Morden College estate comprises indipendent living for elderly people, assisted living and care unit for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. A new garden was designed and constructed for residents with early onset of dementia. Now, they will be able to enjoy a nice day outside, have a tea or lunch on a sunny day at the large dinning table under the pergola with climbing Wisteria, which provides shade.

A complex water feature brings life to the small garden, bubbling water cascades down the steps into a circular basin. The planting surrounding the water feature and seating areas stimulates the residents with its colour and scent. They also have an opportunity to do hands on gardening at the raised beds.