Coombe Hill Manor

Coombe Hill Manor is a perfect example of well-used small space on the out skirts of London with an interesting and sustainable garden. The whole area behind a large care home building was designed as a rain garden including the large terrace with raised beds. Rain water from all of the hard surfaces including a large roof is collected and channeled into the raised beds planted with moisture loving plants. Their roots as well as the growing medium filter the rain water, which then runs through channels and gravel beds into the retention pond. Here the water can slowly soak in or evaporate.

Rain water retention has a wide-reaching effects on local biodiversity and helps to balance the local climate changes. The garden is not only sustainable, it is especially enjoyable and comfortable for the residents of the care home. The timber gazebo and platform over the retention pond offers stunning views and a large number of benches provides comfort and encouragement for them to go out. Raised beds offer an opportunity to grow vegetables or herbs.